Posted by Plainsboro Rotary
The Rotary Club of Plainsboro has sponsored School Resource Packs in Autism New Jersey's Autism Ambassador program. These contain the tools needed for an elementary/middle school teacher to raise autism awareness in his/her school and classroom. Their audience -- children, other non-special needs teachers, and school administrative staff -- will receive input on how to behave with autistic children they come into contact with -- a key element in the behavioral therapy the kids need.
We will be helping spread autism awareness in the support systems available for the autistic children in New Jersey public schools -- their parents, siblings, relatives, other teachers and administrative staff, their families, friends. The Rotary name will reach our local community through the acknowledgement in each Resource Pack, and links to our website from the Autism New Jersey Autism Ambassador Program website.
We are also partnering with MRESC (Middlesex Regional Educational Services Commission) -- which provides advanced professional support for the special needs teachers in 600 school districts and municipalities in New Jersey. MRESC runs 4 autism schools themselves, and helps districts offer educational programs for special needs students in our public schools. We will be helping fund the technology and resources needed in their schools. Once again, we will be reaching our local community through acknowledgements on the MRESC website and promotional material.
Here is Autism NJ's website giving details  about sponsorship
For more information about this project please contact Rotarian Suresh Reddy