Free A1C Now test – Health Campaign

We served more than 110 people at the Durga Mandir on ‘World Diabetic Day’ November 14, 2015.

On November 14, 2015 the Rotary Club of Plainsboro, North and South Brunswick rolled out a great community service project ‘Free A1C Now test – Health Campaign’. The event has proven to be one of our most enjoyable and valuable service project. Together we served remarkable more than 110 people from 9 AM – 3 PM with their A1C reading and educated about how best they can keep control the blood sugar level in future. The event well received by all as the actual event was scheduled till 1 PM, due to overwhelming response the entire team patiently serving the people till 3 PM, I really appreciate the dedication and commitment of our team.

Our sincere thanks to Amita Avadhani, Varsha Singh, Srini Gattu, Mr. Varma, Christine Cuoco, and Silpa Chinta for performing and helping with the A1C Now tests. Mr. Mahesh, Mrs. Renu Advani were very helpful in diabetes informational goodie bags and waiver form format and other time to time help during event.

Our special thanks to Durga Mandir temple board of trustees for providing event space in temple with furniture and other amenities including special pooja and prasad to all our group members. 

We are grateful to Vijay Garg for sponsoring the event medical equipment, other required material also leading the effort from initiation to execution successfully.

Thanks to all club members again for their time, energy and enthusiasm.